We're in a Moment of Collective Trauma. But There Are Glimmers of Hope

Article By john a. powell

A special note from INET board member john a. powell

Race and Economics From INET


A collection of INET’s research and articles on race and the US economy, reposted in connection with recent protests against police brutality in Black communities.

The COVID-19 Economic Crisis


Find all of our COVID-19 pandemic articles, webinars, and working papers here.

COVID-19 and Africa


A series of interviews by Folashadé Soulé and Camilla Toulmin with African leaders on the pandemic.

Meet the Hidden Architect Behind America's Racist Economics

Article By Lynn Parramore

Nobel laureate James Buchanan is the intellectual linchpin of the Koch-funded attack on democratic institutions, argues Duke historian Nancy MacLean

From Eric Garner to George Floyd: How History Repeats Itself

Article By Peter Temin

The Great Migration brought many freedmen to the North, and the reaction to that brought the Southern Mind to northern police officers as well.

COVID-19 Cases and Deaths Surge: The Impact of Wisconsin’s In-person Primary Vote

Article By Phillip Alvelda

The world is on edge at the prospect of a resurgent wave of infections. Models and speculation are rife, but facts remain scarce, which is why the events in Wisconsin on April 7, and their eventual impact, are so important.

Corona Crisis and Eurobonds

Article By Thomas Fricke

The Calamity of Germany’s Distorted Perception of Italy

America’s Chilling Experiment in Human Sacrifice

Article By Lynn Parramore and Jeffrey L. Spear

John Ruskin helps shed light on what it means to have an economy that demands we die for it

Indian Economic Policy: Stimulus, Deficits and Privatisation

Article By Gaurav Dalmia

Over five phased announcements last week, the Indian government set in motion an unprecedented fiscal stimulus. Gaurav Dalmia looks at India’s near-term economic challenges and offers a prescription on how privatisation can help India achieve its objectives.

The Economics and Politics of Social Democracy: A Reconsideration

Article By Servaas Storm

To able to deal with these consequences, our crisis response now should not lock us in into a permanent state of austerity, greater inequality and heightened vulnerability to future health calamities. New-old social democratic solutions are needed more than ever before.

The Wealth Effects of Bailouts: A Quantitative Assessment

Article By Pirmin Fessler and Martin Schürz

Once again, income earned by the many is used to save the wealth of the few.

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INET Video

Learn Economics at Home


Stuck at home and already bored of Netflix? Then check out our #LearnEconAtHome series of video explainers you can watch from anywhere.

Has China Won?

Video Featuring Kishore Mahbubani and Rob Johnson

The geopolitical showdown between the United States and China is both inevitable, and avoidable.

How Populists Use Economics to Exploit Crisis

Video Featuring Emil Verner

MIT Sloan Assistant Professor Emil Verner discusses his research into credit markets, and the role of economics in the rise of populism.

Gender Equality Works for Everyone.

Video Featuring Elissa Braunstein

If a tree falls outside of the market sector, does it make a sound?

Why We Need Solidarity Economics

Video Featuring Manuel Pastor

Economists have gone to great lengths to write humans out of economics, pushing self-interest and generally providing two choices—faith in markets or the state.

One Dollar. One Vote.

Video Featuring Emmanuel Saez

Economist Emmanuel Saez explains how inequality is destroying society.

Join Us in Working Together Online


Quarantine or not, it can be hard to stay connected, but INET’s Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) is here for this generation’s new economic thinkers.

Why Data Is Like Fire

Video Featuring Chen Long

Dr. Chen Long, Director of the Luohan Academy, explains why the digital revolution is so different from the industrial revolution

An 1869 Medical Study Is Still Misdiagnosing Black People

Video Featuring Trevon Logan

Trevon Logan discusses the impact of structural racism in health and economics

Polanyi on Polanyi

Video Featuring Kari Polanyi Levitt

In this series Polanyi reflects on an extraordinary life, and the extraordinary legacy of her family.

Saving Retirement

Video Featuring Teresa Ghilarducci

Is America facing a retirement crisis?

Inequality 101

Video Featuring Branko Milanovic and Arjun Jayadev

Inequality, in many ways, may be the biggest question of our times. And yet it is a topic that is still underexplored in conventional economics curricula.

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Working Paper Series

The Economics and Politics of Social Democracy: A Reconsideration

Paper By Servaas Storm

The popular discontent and rise of ‘populist’ political parties is closely related to the failure of New Labor to navigate social democracy’s dilemma.

Three Comments on Storm “The Economics and Politics of Social Democracy: A Reconsideration"

Paper By Joseph Halevi, Peter Kriesler, Duncan Foley, and Thomas Ferguson

This Working Paper presents three separate comments on Servaas Storm’s “The Economics and Politics of Social Democracy: A Reconsideration”. The first is by Joseph Halevi and Peter Kriesler; the second is by Duncan Foley; and the third is by Thomas Ferguson.

Modigliani Meets Minsky: Inequality, Debt, and Financial Fragility in America, 1950-2016

Paper By Alina Bartscher, Moritz Kuhn, Moritz Schularick, and Ulrike Steins

Increased borrowing by middle-class families with low income growth played a central role in rising indebtedness

How Market Sentiment Drives Forecasts of Stock Returns

Paper By Roman Frydman, Nicholas Mangee, and Josh Stillwagon

We reveal a novel channel through which market participants’ sentiment influences how they forecast stock returns: their optimism (pessimism) affects the weights they assign to fundamentals.

Payroll Share, Real Wage and Labor Productivity across US States

Paper By Ivan Mendieta-Muñoz, Codrina Rada, Ansel Schiavone, and Rudi von Arnim

This paper analyzes regional contributions to the US payroll share from 1977 to 2017 and the four major business cycles throughout this period.

Profits, Innovation and Financialization in the Insulin Industry

Paper By Rosie Collington

This paper considers the relationship between profits realized from higher insulin list prices, pharmaceutical innovation, and the financial structures of the three dominant insulin manufacturing companies, which set list prices.

How Much Can the U.S. Congress Resist Political Money? A Quantitative Assessment

Paper By Thomas Ferguson, Paul Jorgensen, and Jie Chen

The links between campaign contributions from the financial sector and switches to a pro-bank vote were direct and substantial

Firm-Level Exposure to Epidemic Diseases: Covid-19, SARS, and H1N1

Paper By Tarek Alexander Hassan, Stephan Hollander, Laurence van Lent, and Ahmed Tahoun

As Covid-19 spreads globally in the first quarter of 2020, this paper finds that firms’ primary concerns relate to the collapse of demand, increased uncertainty, and disruption in supply chains

The EU’s Green Deal: Bismarck’s ‘What Is Possible’ Versus Thunberg’s ‘What Is Imperative’

Paper By Servaas Storm

This paper considers the ambition, scale, substance and strategy of the European Union’s Green Deal

Private Equity Buyouts in Healthcare: Who Wins, Who Loses?

Paper By Eileen Appelbaum and Rosemary Batt

Private equity firms have become major players in the healthcare industry. How has this happened and what are the results?

Who’s Responsible Here? Establishing Legal Responsibility in the Fissured Workplace

Paper By Tanya Goldman and David Weil

This article proposes a new “Concentric Circle framework” which would improve workers’ access to civil, labor, and employment rights.

Taxpayer Investment Leads New Drug Discoveries

Paper By Ekaterina Cleary, Matthew Jackson, Andrew Acevedo, and Fred Ledley

New research points to critical role of public funding in drug discoveries and development for the last decade

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